Wholesale iPhone Parts

Get Wholesale iPhone parts, Wholesale iPad Parts, and wholesale iPod parts Here!

Shop Wireless Parts offers the very best quality parts, and very fast shipping from our Flint, MI warehouse.

If you are a dealer looking to purchase wholesale iPhone parts or other parts for iPod or iPad at discount pricing, you have found the right place. We offer the most aggressive discounts in the country.

What you currently see on our website is retail pricing. When you complete the registration for Wholesale Dealer Pricing you will see your price called "members price" Below is how it show if you were logged into your wholesale account.

Wholesale iPhone Parts

Click on the link below to get started with your wholesale account! minimum of $300 purchase is required per month.

 Wholesale iPhone, iPod, iPad Parts Application
When you sign up as a wholesale customer you gain access to the following:
Wholesale iPhone parts
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Q. Who is eligible for a dealer account at shopwirelessparts.com?

A. Anybody that can meet the requirements can receive dealer pricing.

Q. How do I Sign up as a dealer?

A. Easy, just click Register sign up as a regular customer then go and fill out the wholesale form for a wholesale account, a representative will contact you within 24hr after steps are completed.

Q. How safe is my personal information?

A. Security is one of our main concerns. we not share your information with any other person besides you. During the process of signing up we will not ask you for your SSN, or other credentials, as we have no reason why we should have them on file. We also have a SSL certificate so placing orders on our site you will be safe.

Q. Once my purchasing volume increases will my discounts get better?

A. No, We offer 1 level of wholesale access. If you are purchasing a huge quantity of 1 part feel free to contact us. We will work with you in negotiating a better price.

Q. How much of a discount do dealers get?

A. It just depends on the part you're looking to purchase, But lets just say we offer the most aggressive discounts in the country.

Q. I can sometimes find parts for sale cheaper then my dealer price here. Why?

A. In this market there is wide range of quality parts available. We believe its Better to sell quality parts, which reduce the cost of returns, and unhappy customers. Higher quality parts less defective parts for you!